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Gtmhub enables you to connect to 160+ data sources out of the box. You can build business insights on top of this data and automate your OKRs and KPIs. A Data app enables you to connect Gtmhub to any desired 3rd party system via REST API and pull data from additional data sources right into your Gtmhub account.

What is a Data app

A Data app is an extensibility mechanism enabling you to connect a desired data source to Gtmhub via the Gtmhub app framework and the target system’s REST API. A data app represents a single YAML file where you instruct Gtmhub how to connect, authenticate and pull data from the desired system. Inside the YAML file you must:

  • describe the REST API endpoint that's used to connect to the desired 3rd party system,
  • take care of authenticating with that API
  • describe the objects that the REST API makes available
  • make them available in Gtmhub for synchronization

Building your first Data app

Building a new Gtmhub Data app is easy and straightforward. You need:

  • A Gtmhub account
  • Some knowledge of the target system you want to pull data from.
    • More specifically, its REST API and optionally the data model.
  • A text editor or IDE where you'll create your YAML file.

If you are just starting with your first Gtmhub Data App, follow the Build Your First Data App Tutorial to learn everything about the concepts behind Data Apps and build a functioning Data App from scratch.

For detailed reference about all supported YAMl file objects and their hierarchy, follow the Reference - YAML objects.

Testing and submitting your app

Once your Data App is ready, you must submit it to the Gtmhub Marketplace so you can test it and then send it for review. For more information see Build and publish an app.