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UI apps

UI apps enable developers to integrate a web application within the Gtmhub UI. This way you can extend the Gtmhub OKR management forms with your own UI and modify programatically the content in your Gtmhub account via the UI Apps SDK. A typical use case scenario is integrating with a 3rd paty system, whose data enriches your Gtmhub OKRs. You can develop a UI app that displays that 3rd party system's content in the Gtmhub Objective or Key Result edit forms. You can select items from the 3rd party system and save them as linked items to the Gtmhub OKR. Or you can modify your Gtmhub account items based on interaction with your 3rd party system within the Gtmhub UI. For example, you can create Gtmhub tasks based on content in your 3rd party system, update OKRs, manage users and teams.

How it works

When you develop a Gtmhub UI application you start by developing a standard web application. You can use any technology that you are most comfortable with. You then incorporate the Gtmhub SDK (currently supports JavaScript) in your web application and this way you make your app interact with the Gtmhub account it's added to. When you upload your application to the Gtmhub Marketplace you specify the URL where your app is hosted, and any Gtmhub account it's added to renders it in an iframe, thus making possible the visualization of your web app content within Gtmhub and the interaction with Gtmhub via the UI Apps SDK.

If you are just starting with your first Gtmhub UI App, follow the Build Your First UI App Tutorial to learn everything about the concepts behind UI Apps and build a functioning UI App from scratch.

For detailed information about installing and using the Gtmhub UI Apps SDK, head to the UI Apps SDK article and then browse the Reference - UI Apps SDK methods section.

Testing and submitting your app

Once your UI app is ready, you must submit it to the Gtmhub Marketplace so you can test it and then send it for review. For more information see Build and publish an app.